From the time I could hold a pencil, I knew I was going to be an illustrator. Comic book artist, to be exact. I was required to take Basic Photography in college, and met Jim Gavenus. A documentary photographer who’s work completely changed my path.

I became good friends with Jim, and mentored under him for years. As a documentary photography, I never saw Jim use a light kit, reflector or even a flash. As such, I adopted the same style.. I eventually fell in to portraiture, which evolved in to dark, hauntingly cinematic style of pinup photography.

Presently, I’ve been photographing for fifteen years. Ten years professionally, and five years full time. I travel extensively. I’ve worked for companies such as Playboy, Suicide Girls, Drai’s Night Club in Las Vegas and currently, I shoot for Pinup Girl Clothing. To book a private session in one of the cities I regularly travel, please drop me a note at

Workshop on Available Light


OPEN LIGHT: Modeling, Posing and Etiquette – January 29th


Join us Sunday, January 29th at OnSiteMuse’s studio at 1224 Quincy St NE for OPEN LIGHT: Modeling, Posing and Etiquette. A three hour seminar focusing on the industry, best practices, career strategies and the art of photographing with available light, only.

Open to photographers, models, hair and make-up artist. OPEN LIGHT has been a networking and educational opportunity for over five year and hosted classes from NYC to LA. Space is limited!

Payment Options

September 25th, 26th and 27th


September 25th – 27th, Lars Kommienezuspadt will be coming to Toronto, Ontario for a three day tour of the Canadian city. For the first time, Kommienezuspadt will be bringing his unique style of dark pinup to the burgeoning editorial fashion scene of Toronto.


Six sessions during the three day event will be booked, with half the registrations already filled. Sessions are 2- 3 hours with 2 – 3 looks or locations. Ten color edits and ten black and white finished edits will be provided and make-up is included. You can register with your deposit or payment in full below. First come, first serve.

$375 Deposit

$750 Paid In Full

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