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Scranton, PA is my hometown. Yup! Like The Office. Although I now live in Minneapolis, I’m back to the east coast often to visit home and shoot as much as possible. Creating images in NYC, Bostom, Atlantic City.

West Coast

With the help out some outstanding [high profile] friends, I broke in to Los Angeles this past year and have been booked ever since, bringing a unique twist to the beautiful women of pinup scene!

September 13th and 14th


NOIR is the biggest client based event of the year, offering an all inclusive Old Hollywood experience with hair and make-up, individual wardrobe styling by Teaser by Yuli and photography by Lars Kommienezuspadt, all hosted at the historic, downtown Hotel 340.

This September, NOIR is returning to the Twin Cities for the first time. Join us! Limited sessions available and all bookings are first come, first with a non-refundable deposit required to register. Choose from any of our three packages below.

Scranton, PA I September 30th

OPEN LIGHT: Hoi Polloi

OPEN LIGHT is a series of workshops focusing on an exclusively available light approach to making images. It has evolved, to cover other aspects of the photography industry, such posing models and etiquette and gained an active community of photographers on the OPEN LIGHT Facebook group.

Hoi Polloi is a term that refers to “the masses; the common people”. It’s often used in a derogatory context, but so was “lowbrow” regarding fine art. Ironically, lowbrow now sells for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Two-thirds of my clients aren’t “professional” models and even less are commercial or agency models. As an artist, I’ve always gravitated towards sub-cultures and whether agencies like it or not, the current mainstream fashion industry is on a collision course with the alternative modeling sub-culture. Tattoos, piercings and body size used to immediately disqualify the majority of models from pursuing that career through the big, established talent agencies. But, in the recent change in tide, many men and women aren’t even interested in trying to shoehorn themselves in to that agency standard.

They’re bypassing the entire route. Gaining massive armies of followers through social media and carving out a loyal fan base, making a living with Suicide Girls, Zivity, and even appearances at tattoo and horror conventions, car shows and niché sub-cultures the rest of the fashion industry neglects.

Over the last fourteen years, I’ve been shooting for many of the companies and publications that give models a platform for stardom. OPEN LIGHT: Hoi Polloi is a workshop born out of a need to address the process and strategies to leverage fashion industry outside of commercial and agency options.

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